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I received my order within 3 days even though I live on the other side of the country! I couldn't be happier with the dog tags I ordered. I honestly was expecting them to be very thin and flimsy due to the low price but wow was I surprised. They are top notch quality. The embossing is flawless! I got my tags in black and they are STUNNING. If anyone is wondering whether or not to purchase from this company, do yourself a favor and DO IT. This company is the real deal in regards to everything from quality and price to shipping and customer service. Thumbs up across the board. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Lila, New Jersey

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Personalized Dog Tags For Everyone

You can get a pair of your very own personalized dog tags! You can get any text you want, on BOTH tags!  Just click on your favorite tag style to the right to add your custom text and to choose your free silencers. Also, don't forget, that price includes free shipping! Click here to see our shipping policies.


A personalized dog tag, which is commonly employed for military purpose can also be customized for use as a fashion accessory. Personalized dog tags are affordable and easy to find.

Just like military dog tags, a personalized dog tag is often made from stainless-steel, aluminum, tin, or some other non-corrosive metal. The customizations that a personalized dog tag allows opens a wide field of choices for a typical customer. Color, size, and style of engraving, among other things, liven up what would otherwise be a bland piece of embossed metal.

How A Personalized Dog Tag Is Made

A simple kind of personalized dog tag almost always starts out as a thin metal sheet which is then cut into size by a machine. The edges can then be dulled or folded by hand, or by machine. This is done to prevent accidental cuts from what could otherwise be a sharp edge.

Choosing the color of the tag also livens up the accessory. Colors are generally applied by using electroplating or by covering the metal with epoxy-based paints. Another method of coloring the metal is by adding dyes to the metal while it is still in a molten state. Once the metal cools the color integrated into the metal will show.

A lot of customized dog tags that are available today often come in metals of various colors. The most popular are the matte and jet black ones, followed by the metallic reds. Some custom dog tags can also be found in camouflage colored patterns which are highly popular in both military and civilian use.

Embossing And Debossing A Personalized Dog Tag

The personalization itself is the focal point of the customized dog tag. Since it is fit to the specifications of the customer, you may choose to emboss or deboss not only standard information, but quotes and other messages as well. The text stamped in a personalized dog tag may be embossed - meaning that the letters are raised; or debossed, which is the opposite. The debossed method of engraving was the early option for dog tag stamping. Some people fancy using the debossed type, even if it is hard to read, because it has an 'old-school' appeal.

Stamping text on dog tags used to be a semi-manual task, because the letters would have to be chosen then lined up and the spaces adjusted; before it was pushed onto the customized dog tag to leave the impression. Nowadays, a personalized dog tag is a breeze! There are now machines which emboss the metal tags automatically. The text is entered into an interface and the metal tag is inserted into the machine, only to be spat out later as a full-fledged customized dog tag!  The downside is that a machine to do this costs in the $9,000 - $20,000 range.

The process of buying a personalized dog tag is easy, cheap, and rewarding. Accessorizing with personalized dog tags adds some pizazz to your personality, and it doesn't need to be pricey. A good site which offers wonderful selections of personalized dog tags is CustomMilitaryDogTags.com Be sure to check out their site and browse through the wonderful selection of customized and personalized dog tags.

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